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Apache Traffic Server Reverse Proxy — 2013

Apache Traffic Server Reverse Proxy

Apache Traffic Server
Apache Traffic Server

This tutorial is about setting up Apache Traffic Server to work as Reverse Proxy to cache your website for SSL and NON SSL domain for CENTOS 6.x


1.Aapache Traffic Server is not available in default Repository of CentOS so we need to istall EPEL repository
rpm -ivh

2. Install Apache Traffic Server
yum install trafficserver

3.Added Following line to /etc/trafficserver/remap.config
map http://209.xx.xx.xx
map http://209.xx.xx.xx
map https://209.xx.xx.xx
map https://209.xx.xx.xx

4.A directory ssl is created at /etc/trafficserver/ and ssl.key and ssl.cert is added to that directory.


#Seting Port of server to 80
CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_port INT 80
#Enabling ssl port 443
CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.enabled INT 1
#Filename of ssl certificate
CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.server.cert.filename STRING ssl.cert
#Path of SSL Certificate
CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.server.cert.path STRING /etc/trafficserver/ssl/
#Name of SSL Key file
CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.server.private_key.filename STRING key.ssl
#Path of SSL Key File
CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.server.private_key.path STRING /etc/trafficserver/ssl/

For the replication across different servers follow step 1 to 2 and copy replace /etc/trafficserver